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Tanned Removable eyelid Lash training doll.UK Eyelash Training Mannequin Practice head

£105.00 £99.99
Eliminate the need for live models with this high quality silicone training head with removable eyelids. Designed specifically to replicate the look and feel of a real client, but without the stress or anxiety that training on a real subject can often bring. Easily removable and replaceable eyelids offer unlimited creativity and long lasting use. There is no better way to improve both your skill level, and your speed. Whether you are a beginner learning the craft basics, or a professional learning new techniques or ideas, this has you covered. Portable and easy to clean the mannequin comes complete with 3 training lashes. It's the perfect set-up to take your beauty skillset to the next level and beyond. BEIGE= 1 doll+ 2eyelids =119.99. real eyelid lash training mannequin. Eyelash Training Mannequin Practice head